Residenze artistiche

The artist residences of Palazzo Caprioli are created to offer artists a space for inspiration, research and expression.

The space that hosts them is a 16th century palace, in Gussago in the province of Brescia. A house that the Caprioli Baratti Carrara family opens to the world.

Artists who participate in the residency program are from all over the world.

They not only able to express their professionalism, but also their human side.

What is important for us is not only productivity but the personal growth, the exchange and to create a warm place who the artist can feel welcome and at home.

Artists have the opportunity to undertake a path according to their needs and their own time, chosen by them.

The creation, the result of research, is presented at the end of the residence at the space.

The arts that are preferred are Dance, in all its manifestations and styles, Theater and Dance Theater.

Other arts, however, are welcomed.

In addition to the residency, during the chosen period, workshops, performances, events and conferences are organized in which the artist will be able to share his pedagogy and research with the territory and all those people interested in research through body and movement and the experience of making the thought more and more corporeal and internalized.

The world of art, culture and research are interacting and enriched thanks to the meeting and collaboration with other professionals such as teachers of spiritual disciplines, choreographers, dancers, art directors, students, philosophers and musicians.

The environment is welcoming and familiar.

The artist in residence will be provided with an apartment, the use of the large frescoed ballroom, the park, the small library and the swimming pool in summer.

During the Residency the artist may participate in other activities that the center offers to the public.

Palazzo Caprioli

Mon 08 Aug - Sun 14 Aug