Il Palazzo

Palazzo Caprioli is a home that welcomes you and offers you a space for research, growth, expression and healing.

Together we are creating a place where we can share values, each of us with courage and a desire to live with joy.

This palace is my roots.

It belongs to my Grandmother Maria, her four brothers, her five children - my uncles and aunts.

My grandmother Claudia, who despite having never lived here, is also present.

I dedicate this project to my artistic Grandmothers.

This is the place where I grew up among hens, horses and rabbits.

Where I used to play in our garden’s cave and I was running with bare feet from one root of the magnolia to another, feeling that this was my starting point. From there I started my race.

This Palace is full of my Grandmother Camilla’s roses, my grandfather Mario’s wise steps, the laughter and the cries of children. It is my brother's hugs.

This Palace is all those people who have been living here since the sixteenth century.

It is the strength of my mother Piera. An heir of love and the queen of the house who, once she was immersed in a new world, was able to welcome and transform it with the typical care of a mother.

It is my father Sandro’s that inspires others with his heart and with his concrete, tangible wisdom.

He grew up here in Gussago. He witnessed each of the the town’s transformations. Without any judgment, he constantly leads by example of how to love my land.

Yes, they had doors here, but with no locks.

One night my grandmother Maria appeared to me in a dream and told me: “Margherita. In the end beliefs, religions and dogmas are not important. The only thing that really matters is solidarity".

The Caprioli family has been living here between moment of wars and celebrations.

“Since the fifteenth century the noble Caprioli family has been living in Sale di Gussago. The property always remained with the family in direct line until when the divisions between the sons of Francesco q. Giulio Tartarino occurred (1833-1916). On the death of Francesco, the Palace was inherited by his eldest daughter Camilla, who was the wife of dr. Filippo Grasso. After her death the property was taken over by their daughter Maria in Baratti.” E. Timelli (historian)

Today the large ballroom welcomes all the centre’s activities which bear the name of my ancestors.

It has always been a place of meeting, sharing and celebration.

The colors of its frescoes which belong to the first half of the 18th century and the fireplace supported by two tenacious caryatids belonging to the same period are a source of continuous inspiration.

The room welcomes, its history embraces.

The other rooms are dedicated to welcoming guests, such as the kitchenette with an ancient sink which is the heart of the house.

Palazzo Caprioli

Mon 27 May - Sun 02 Jun