I open both mine and my family’s home to offer you a space where you feel free to be yourself, find yourself and express yourself.

What really matters is who you are, what you need and what I can do for you.

Together with the people who have inspired me in my life and in my travels, I welcome all those who are looking for the possibilities of interacting, healing and growing themselves.

In honor of life, I have created this space in which people can discover their uniqueness and express it by bringing love to themselves and serve the others.

"Nothing lives separately, everything is needed to be able to recognize who we are. In this way, disciplines and cultures that seem distant come together and contribute, each with its own authenticity, to nurture the human soul."

I believe that…

...in order to reinvent the world, knowledge must be internalized.

…growth is first personal and only then can it become collective

…we live in the age of bewilderment, it is important to see it as a possibility of transformation.

…courage is the great virtue which spurs us on, getting us out of isolation and loneliness

What am I looking for?

I got lost, I contradicted,

I denied and then rediscovered myself.

I left and then I came back.

"The unexamined life is not worth living" said Socrate.

To me, this means being forthcoming in discussions), to open my arms to the world and be inspired by the unknown without being afraid.

“There is a tide in human affairs”. It is creativity that gives meaning to life.

The sense of belonging to the human race is our commonplace on earth. The dialogue between the various cultures is the gateway that opens to merge all of us together.

We have thousands of teachings which have been kept secret for centuries by masters and transmitted only to those selected students.

Today this knowledge is available to everyone and we have the opportunity to find mastery inside ourselves. Together we can all share simple, effective tools which are accessible to everyone so that everyone can listen to that dynamic and loving source that makes their own life a creative journey.

It all started in Buenos Aires ...

Once I was there, I began to experience a conflict between Western philosophy, Latin American philosophy and yogic philosophy which seeks the truth through experience rather than through reason.

Then, I experienced a new internal conflict between my academic thinking and my artistic drive. When I was studying photography, theater and dance, everyone was telling me that to be successful I was supposed to dedicate my life to only one thing. Flooded with several doubts, I was asking myself why were they telling me this? Was this all to do with my life and my need for personal growth?

In Buenos Aires, I learned how to live without pretensions. This joy of being made me understand that there is no rule behind doing things. We do what make us feel good and give meaning to our lives. Stepping out the logic of success and error, there is no right or wrong pattern to which we must adhere.

I am grateful to life that I could feel free to follow my desires.

The experience of Palazzo Caprioli is a confirmation that there is no difference between art, philosophy and everything that is defined as spiritual. All these disciplines meet together for a person’s growth.

Thus the vast concept of the person implies a development of the human being that integrates thought, knowledge of the body, an ability to express expressiveness and openness to everything that transcends the individual.

At the root of each project and activity at Palazzo Caprioli you will find the human being with their vulnerability, their story and the desire to share it with you.

Formal and informal path

Degree in Philosophy (Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan).

Masters I and II in Political Philosophy and Ethics (Sorbonne, Paris IV).

Doctorate in Philosophy (UBA, Universidad de Buenos Aires).

1st level instructor International certification of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation (KRI, KundaliniResearchInstitute) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She obtained 2nd level in Kundalini Yoga (Module: Authentic Relationships with RamSingh, France and Module: Conscious Communication with ShivCharanSingh, Portugal)

She trained with world famous yoga masters including HariNamSinghKhalsa and Guru DevSinghKhalsa.

She studied Sound Technology (Naad Yoga) in Amritstar in India with master ParvinderSinghKhalsa.

She approached other meditation techniques such as Vipassana (India) and JodoShinsu (Japan).

She studied Contemporary Dance, Improvisation Techniques with Martin Piliponsky and Graham Technique with Maggie Boogaart (Paris) and Stella Maria Isoldi (Buenos Aires).

She participated in the artistic residencies and seminars of Martin Kilvady (Slovakia), Thomas Hauert (Belgium) Kirstie Simpson (Mexico), Guadalupe Miles and Claudi Carreras (Argentina).

She studied Theater with Maestro Norman Briski (Caliban Theater, Buenos Aires).

She trained in Teatro Danza with teacher Diana Ringela in Buenos Aires (Teatro Caliban) and in Brescia (Palazzo Caprioli)

She worked as an Italian language teacher at the Italian Cultural Institute, Buenos Aires.

She organized Yoga masters’ tours and events in Argentina and Italy.

She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2014.

She translated Emanuele Severino's book “La Potenza dell’errare. Sulla storia dell’Occidente”, Rizzoli, 2013 from Italian into Spanish

She participated as a speaker at the following Philosophy congresses:

- International Congress "Heidegger nel pensiero di Severino” Brescia 2019

- I Congreso Internacional Interdisciplinario de PensamientoCrítico: Pensar América en Diálogo / VI JornadasElPensamiento de Rodolfo Kusch / Foro de PensamientoFilosóficoBogotà, Colombia 2017.

- V Jornadas ElPensamiento de Rodolfo Kusch, Maimará, Jujuy, Argentina 2016

- IV Jornadas ElPensamiento de Rodolfo Kusch, Maimará, Jujuy, Argentina 2015

Other professional figures who have contributed to her personal growth are: Angela Agosti Dabbeni, Sonia SatNarayanSimran, Erma Medina, Mariangela Campo, Anna Scola, Mariateresa Rossini, Mirta Chiavaro e ValeriaBellesia.

She collaborates with other associations and works as a teacher at the Montessori Liberamente School of Brescia.

In 2019 she founded Palazzo Caprioli and now she runs it.

Palazzo Caprioli

Mon 22 Jul - Sun 28 Jul